Google+ Died; Facebook Is Next (Eventually)

Google+ Died; Facebook Is Next (Eventually)

What does Google+ closing mean for social media marketing? Lots, if you understand how to read between the lines and extrapolate with incomplete data.

Essentially, going forward, everything we can do for most clients is going to involve Facebook (Which includes Instagram.) There will always be exceptions, of course, but for most clients a ‘Facebook solution’ is going to be what works for them. Especially with regard to driving traffic and exposure. Twitter remains an option but with access to about 69+/- million monthly active users, mostly in metro areas. LinkedIn (as we have seen repeatedly) is a dead end as a traffic driver though a consistent presence there is good digital etiquette.

It also means Facebook is going to be further ruined from a user perspective and end up like brick-and-mortar shopping malls are today; an anachronism.

Which means: keep an eye out for the next big thing in social media from a mass market perspective (Snapchat is niche, Tik-Tok is niche, etc.), which is likely (I predict) in the next 12 months, because whomever starts it will want to utilize anticipated increased social media usage during the 2020 election campaign cycle which will kick-off next Fall. So, by 2020 we should know who the new player is. I expect it might be related to A/R or possibly VR via Holoportation If you don’t know–>

it IS the VR application I’ve been waiting for. The potentials are beyond reasoning–they will be a game changer for digital marketing, for sure, but it depends how long it takes to get the hardware prices down. Imagine digital clubs or concerts by invitation only–webinars or conferences or whatever, with unlimited seating capacity, no overhead costs (no need for hotel rooms, lunch, coffee breaks, restroom facilities–nothing!)

And with regard to the hardware: Remember, the first iPhone was released only ten years ago, and look what they can do today. Samsung already pairs they’re Gear VR system with their powerful phone innards, Apple is working on similar tech right now…..this is coming.

If you want a peek at what is just around the corner–Facebook just released video-chat devices with Amazon Alexa compatibility: (They also own the Occulus Rift VR system.)

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