Is Influencer Marketing Right for Your Brand?

Is Influencer Marketing Right for Your Brand?

It seems everyone is chasing Influencer Marketing these days. Digital pitchmen are the new wunderkind of social media marketing. But are they the right way to spend your social media marketing money?

  Personally, I don’t believe an Influencer Marketing campaign is a good idea for everyone. I think it’s certainly effective at times, but not as the general rule. What I mean is this: At a certain point, people who have large Followings on social media became well aware they had the potential to earn money posting for brands. At the same time, the people who Follow them also realized, “hey, this person is definitely earning money from this massive Following.” When this happened, the brands that Influencers engage with became obvious endorsement deals; the Followers they had began regarding their messages about Brands as commercials. At that point, having an Influencer share your content was only equal to the amount of targeted Reach they had for you. This type of targeting is much better done using the more broader audience contained on that social platform.   Specifically, you can run an Instagram ad to hit exactly the people you want to hit, with exactly the message you want, for less than it would cost you to find enough Influencers to do the same. Remember, not ALL their Followers are your target demographic. I have done this type of social media Influencers campaign on multiple platforms and the results are always poor. Influencers will take the required action, but click rates are very, very low.    Plus, Influencer Marketing campaigns can be fraught with unexpected risks. Remember, not every brand is a match for every type of marketing.    

To Be Fair:

On the flip side of that are the Influencer marketing campaigns which work quite well. Unfortunately only for specific types of products and services. Rule of thumb: is the thing you are selling/doing targeting the affluent? Is so, then perhaps an Influencer or Mico-Influencer campaign is right for you. When it comes to certain types of Influencers, having them wear your jewelry or clothes, or drive your car or vacation someplace you have always wanted to go, will spur some people to want to imitate the look and feel of that person’s life. In this way, your brand wins.   Before you begin any marketing campaign consider who you are trying to reach. Depending on the size of that initial market and what revenue expectations you might have for the marketing campaign, choose the campaign which has the best chance at success and meeting your expectations.

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