The 12 Memes of Christmas

The 12 Memes of Christmas

It’s that time of year again: the night comes earlier and earlier, the days grow colder; there’s a touch of frost on the ground in the morning and colorful twinkling lights are starting to pop-up all around the neighborhood.

It’s nearly Christmas!

And because we all want to end this miserable year on as high a note as possible, our staff has scoured the Interwebs for the choicest Christmas-themed memes we could find.

So we proudly present: The 12 Memes of Christmas (2020 edition)

12. This beats a Christmas turkey. (By assimilation.)

11. Judge this, fat man!

10. Grumpy Cat will never die. Never.

9. It’s funny because it almost seems true…(he is awesome though.)

8. The data does not lie. (And we’re never wrong.)

7. That’s not what we heard.

6. Old memes never die–they are simply reborn as “Christmas versions” of themselves!

5. Do you need a special occasion to watch the greatest film ever? We think not.

4. So tempting…but yeah, definitely a trap.

3. Just like mom used to make!

2. Jolly Ol’ Satan Claus, brought me a puppy for Christmas!

1. Even Santa Claus has had enough of 2020.

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