Nothing ‘Heroic’ About Negative-Influencing

Nothing ‘Heroic’ About Negative-Influencing

We are all quite accustomed to the positive impact Influencers can have on a brand. But did you know that in addition to having a positive effect, Influencers can also have a net “negative” effect?

Unfortunately, yes, they can, and no, there is not much that we can do about their ability to spread falsehoods, misinformation, and outright lies and propaganda.

It never ceases to amaze to me the people who participate in this type of buffoonery. I wonder if they are ignorant, easily lead or just plain inhuman monsters who seek only to cause chaos on earth. Whatever their motivations, the harm they spread can be widespread and often leads to their own digital media downfall.

The latest example of this is the actress Letitia Wright. She has been (up until now) the lead contender to inherit the “Black Panther” costume following the passing of star Chadwick Boseman. But alas, in what can only be described as possibly the dumbest (and perhaps most dangerous since she was advocating dangerous health suggestions) Wright decided to just blow her career out of the water with a series of anti-vaxxer retweets.

(Cue sad trombone music.)

In her defense, Wright is hardly the first to do this type of stupid thing. Check out this short list.

Unfortunately, not all of those others had a lucrative Disney contract and perhaps the biggest, brightest possible career potential ahead of them before shooting themselves in the foot.

Wright has recently deleted her social media profiles. Only time will tell whether her career will be able to rebound from what she must have believed were just innocent ReTweets.

There is something heroic in her apparent sacrifice, however–a lesson for the world to perhaps finally learn that stupid behavior on the Internet will not be tolerated.

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