Client Spotlight: GymStone Fitness

Client Spotlight: GymStone Fitness

Every now and then we will focus on real-world digital business problems our clients faced and the solutions we provided.

Our client Emerald King, owner of GymStone Fitness, is an example of a client who needed a simple solution to a very big problem: finding a new reliable source of income in the middle of a pandemic. Funds and resources were limited, so our solution needed to be low cost, flexible, scaleable and had to drive immediate revenue.

That’s a tall order for any marketing strategy, but our job was made simpler by the digital resources Emerald was able to provide to support our digital marketing efforts. She has always been a bit of a fitness junkie. Healthy living is more than a hobby. She lives a healthy lifestyle and exercises every morning long before most of us have even opened our eyes.

Faced with financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic, Emerald approached us with her quandary: could she turn her fitness hobby into a revenue producing business? And could she do it in a way that was manageable for her?

Turning a hobby into a business is the dream of many people. But turning that dream into reality is often much more difficult than it might initially seem.

Emerald’s business idea was no exception.

First, we asked her to write down a list of every service she felt comfortable and qualified to provide for her clients. We also asked her about the sorts of clients she felt were her target clientele and how many clients she felt she would need each week for this to be a viable business model for her.

Using this information as the core of her strategy, and expanding to include all potential revenue models we could pursue for her as the strategy grows, we launched a Facebook only campaign, utilize Organic and Paid techniques to drive audience engagement and revenue for her business.

Check our her Business Page here; GymStone Fitness

After two weeks, Emerald is already seeing positive results:

“At first I wasn’t sure exactly how this was all going to work — or if it was going to work at all,” she said. “But after two weeks my phone started ringing. Now I’m booking new clients regularly and already thinking about expanding my services!”

Not every client is in the same position as Emerald. She produces a great deal of digital content – photos, videos, memes, posts — that we can use to promote her business to the right audience. This type of authentic client produced content helps Emerald demonstrate that she cares about her clients; encourages them to push beyond their own limitations and achieve their goals. In this way Emerald is doing all the hard work of letting people know why her business should matter to them. All we’re doing is helping her get the message out to the right people.


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