Reddit Wields Its Power Once Again

Reddit Wields Its Power Once Again

Reddit Wields Its Power Once Again

I know exactly what’s coming. It’s inevitable. Every time Reddit pops up in the news I suddenly get overwhelmed with clients wanting to “get my business on Reddit.”

My answer is always “no” for one simple reason: Reddit is not a marketing tool. It can be used as a marketing tool, true, but then again, ANYTHING can be used as a marketing tool, if you have a strategy to support it.

The last week or so moderators r/wallstreetbets hatched a plan to upend the lives of Wall Street hedge fund managers who were selling short (this means, betting that stocks are going to go down in value) for the little gaming retailer Game Stop. They managed to increase the price of the stock hundreds of dollars overnight, costing hedge fund managers (billionaires) billions of dollars collectively.

This made these new found Internet investing powerhouses giddy with excitement. They had done what they didn’t realize they could with a single stock. What next? They targeted other stocks, AMC theater chain and BlackBerry, propelling those stocks to new highs as well, costing more hedge fund managers even more billions of dollars.

Ah–behold the power of social media to unite the masses! (Sometimes.)

But see, that’s the problem. Reddit is not a markeing tool. It is a tool for sharing ideas. Now, if your company has an “idea” has some thought which is unique, some point of view which has value (for some reason) then you could conceivably build an effective Reddit marketing strategy. This means that you will eventually derive more revenue from your marketing efforts there you have much invest in those efforts.

Because Reddit is not the place for your business to go and start bragging about how great your gutters are and expect the phone to ring with new customers as a consequence. In fact, were you to do that, it’s more likely you would be completely ignored, which is even worse than if you had been attacked by online trolls, because at least the attack might get you noticed.

But you’re unlikely to even receive that slight benefit.

No. Reddit is for conversation. Users are savvy–they can’t be fooled by your parlor tricks or efforts to convince them to buy your widget because ‘Hey look! We’re cool–we’re on Reddit too!”

For the amount of effort the average business would need to invest in an effective organic Reddit marketing strategy I could run a half dozen more effective marketing campaigns using only paid ads on Facebook, and soend less time and money doing it.

So before you follow hype, think carefully about what makes the most sense. Effective digital marketing is not about chasing fads. Its about consistently, data backed, growth and expansion.

Ask us what that means for your business.

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