Stop Sweating Over #Hashtags – Let the Market Decide

Stop Sweating Over #Hashtags – Let the Market Decide

Before you decide to create your own #hashtag to promote your company or your brand, be sure you understand how they work – and that you have absolutely no control over how people us it whether they will even use it all.

That was the lesson last week when #StopTheSteal was commandeered by independent traders involved in the ‘Reddit/WallStreet’ stock battle.

#StopTheSteal had originally been used by supporters of Donald Trump who became convinced without evidence that the election had somehow been “stolen” by supporters of President Joseph Biden.

So, it started as a hashtag used for political purposes and became…a hashtag used for political purposes, but slightly different political purposes than before.

It doesn’t matter how you intend a hashtag be used. It really only matters how people choose to use it. It’s just a label–a sticker–that can be slapped on any post, any time, without repercussions. This means people can use them as they see fit, to label their content as they see fit.

Ultimately a hashtag is merely a way for people to find similar content around a theme of their choosing. If your company is called “Charlie’s T-Shirts” and you want to label your content #ChucksTees that’s great! Unfortunately, that hashtag is already being used for a multitude of other purposes, and if you try to use it, your content will just get mixed in with everything else making it nigh impossible to find.

A much better idea is to find a hashtag not currently in use by anyone, and use it. Create as much branded content as possible with that hashtag on it, and consistently use it for your branded content going forward.

But even then there is nothing stopping people from taking your hashtag and using for whatever purposes they see fit.

That’s just life on the Interwebs.

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